Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lambs at last and a colour puzzle!!

I'm so tired that this is mostly just going to be a post filled with gratuitous lamb photos, but I hope that you all enjoy. The current lamb count is 1 single and 3 sets of twins. 2 tups and 5 ewes!! Galtress Ptolemy fathered all of these lambs.
 I really need help from all you Shetland Sheep experts in identifying the colour of this little girl. She is one of Bartiestown Rosy's twins and is the same colour as a blue border collie!
 This is her sister
The little blue girl was very yellow at birth.
 Sheilhope Gula had a lovely katmoget tup lamb. He has been named Brenfield after the Estate that he was born on.
Todhill Robina had a super pair of spotted lambs. The grey krunet is a ewe and the Ilget (?) yuglet is a tup.

Sheilhope Geherda had a beautifully marked pair of fawn katmoget ewe lambs.

I do have tales to tell of ewes stealing lambs and as a result I have a little pet to introduce you to. Right now though I need bath, beer, food and sleep in that order!


Denise said...

Glad your lambing has started and you have some lovely looking ones. We've had more tups than ewes this year.

mollygolver said...

They're beautiful Jenny - so worth the sleepless nights!

Michelle said...

Finally-finally! Yes, some lovely lambs with lots of color and markings; makes my crop look quite plain! (But you KNOW we all love OUR lambs. :-)

Carol said...

They are adorable...I will be checking back to watch them grow. What a wonderful place you have.

corinne said...

Love those spotties!

Rayna said...

I'm not sure that heavy white spotted lamb is actually white...I think that might actually be a heavily spotted katmoget. I think that little blue girl is a keeper though! That is fantastic coloring, wonder what she'll mature as....Exciting!

Tattie Weasle said...

I become a total mother hen with lambs and go quite broody. They look beautiful and I am fascinated to learn that they all have set colours with names! Does it have any bearing on the colours of the wool when they are grown and are some more prized than others? I think I'll be having a happy google later..hopwe you feel rested now.

Claire said...

Beautiful pictures and lovely lambs. Such a wonderful variety of patterns and colours. How exciting!