Friday, 5 January 2007

Today I took the day off so that Chris, Fox and I might be able to get some quaility "nice weather" time in. I'd built up plenty of TOIL before Christmas so it seemed a good idea to get out and about.

We had promised Ruth that we would have a go at building a path to her Yurt through the mudhole that is now the field. When we got to Shap summitt however, it became clear that Ruth and Hilary's valley was not enjoying the same sunshine as Askham. We were thus forced to sit in the Yurt and relax with a coffee. When the sun did come out Ruth and Hilary decided to make a break for it and move the fell ponies to pastures new. The path would have to wait for another day.

Chris and I took Fox out for a good long walk. I say walk, but really a walk isn't enough for Fox who has to feel as though he is working. If his brain hasn't had as much activity as his body then he can be really hard work in the evening!

We played training games, trying to introduce some control to an otherwise manic and mindless game of fetch. At almost 8 months old, you can see Fox's ability and willingness to learn increasing all the time. The only problem is that adolescence is also advancing quickly and the sudden presence of testosterone means that he likes to play dominance games and has developed selective hearing at times. Back to the long-line for him I think!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Okay, I've gone all the way back to the beginning of your blog and I have yet to learn what breed of dog Fox is! He is certainly a striking fellow. We have a three-month old Australian Shepherd pup (as you probably know, an American breed). We didn't get him to work the sheep, but it would be fun to get some training if he has any aptitude for it.

Jenny Holden said...

OK, I'm sorry! He's definitely a Border Collie, just with short hair and a pretty pattern!

Hans Lundahl said...