Saturday, 6 January 2007

It's a nail-biting evening in the Holden-Wilde household as Liverpool play Arsenal in the FA Cup 3rd round. So nail biting that I'm trying to work out why this Blog has not updated properly (the front page is still the original one that I changed yesterday) and Fox is curled up in a ball on "his" armchair. The current score is 3-1 with the enemy in the lead. Things are not looking good and I'm surprised that we can't hear our friend Neil gloating from two doors down.

We're all feeling pleasantly sleepy today after an excellent lock-in at the Queen's Head last night, complete with a traditional glass balancing competition. Shame I didn't take my camera really. Fox was with us of course and behaved impeccably all evening!

Today we've had the long-line out and have practiced the recall and "lie down" at a distance and to a whistle. Fox was generally very good which is encouraging since I've booked our first sheepdog training session. Very exciting, but we'll have to see how we both get on. I've got a month to train him and make sure that he doesn't show me up!

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