Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Poor Cuthbert: a sheep with an abscess

My poor tup Cuthbert has been in the wars these last few months and on Sunday I found that he has a big abscess on his jaw.

When I fetched him home from his wanderings, he had a puncture wound on his jaw which was infected but I treated it and it healed over... or so it appeared. On  Sunday it was suddenly huge and hot to touch. Poor Cuthbert had rubbed all of the wool off it.

Luckily with some help from my friend Elle and some Animalintex, I was able to put a poultice on it and bandage him up. Now I just have to keep replacing with clean dressings and wait for the poultice to work its magic. In the meantime, I'm not sure that Cuthbert is convinced about his new look!


Kelly Bartels said...

Poor fellow looks to be dressing up as some kind of super hero. Glad you found it and are able to attend to it properly.
Sending healing thoughts your way.

Laura said...

It's pretty easy (and quick) to lance it with a scalpel, then, with an assistant holding the sheep down, squeeze all the ick out, flush it with 50/50 peroxide and betadine and leave it. Give a 5 cc shot of Penicillin for the next 3 days, and he'll be right as rain!

Carol said...

You're right...he doesn't look too happy, but will feel much better when you are done.