Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Westmorland Show Success!

What a busy time we've been having. There's so much that I ought to be blogging about, but I had to post about how proud I am of Arran.
My little fawn krunet brandet sokket katmoget tup lamb got more and more handsome as he got older.
Boy did he grow? His mother Sheilhope Gletness looked after him extremely well and he was king of the castle in the boys field last winter.
Unlike hi father, Arran has never shown signs of agression. He is a nice lad.
His first show outing was the local North Lonsdale a few weeks ago where he was placed second in Primitive Breed Ram (see post below).
Last week I took him to the Westmorland County Show which was a whole different ball game because it is a much bigger show with specialist Shetland Classes and plenty of respected breeders attending. 
These show photos are from Dominic McEwen-King's Web Album. Dom has been taking great photos of their super Galtress flock at the shows.

Smali Arran was placed first in Shearling Ram!!

He went on to take the Reserve Champion Shetland!!
I'm so proud of him. Champion Shetland went to Robin and Margaret McEwen-King's lovely white ewe.
Arran's dad is Galtress Ptolomy, so Robin and Margaret (who are Tolly's breeders) were very happy to see their bloodlines passed down and doing well.
 Todhill Robina and Smali Bryony both took fourth in their classes and my group of three (one tup and two ewes: Arran, Robin and Bryony) were placed first. In the group of three the judge looks for uniformity of a group of good Shetlands. I think it was brought in to allow breeders to show that good type and health is consistent in their flock.
What a good day for the Smali Flock!


Kelly Bartels said...

Congrats on your victories. Lovely sheep there. Now throw a couple into a suitcase and ship them to Wisconsin in the US. :)

Michelle said...

Woohoo; congratulations! Like Kelly, you have a good eye for quality sheep, so you've built a quality flock on a good foundation!

Jenny Holden said...

Thank you very much both, I must admit that it has given me a real boost and confidence in my breeding.