Monday, 11 July 2011

Clicking Day for the Flock

The sheep were not impressed today.
They did not want to go into a pen on such a hot day,
They were far too happy grazing out on the salt marsh.
But it is now fly strike season and for their own protection they need to be treated against this.
So, after a fashion, we got (most) of them in and treated.
All apart from the boys who are due to go (because of the meat withdrawal period) and those who are still needing their fleeces off (I had dropped my sharpening stone at home, doh!). I only treat during the high risk period and after the fleeces have been removed so that there is almost a full year for it to wear out of the fleece. Arran, above, will be staying with me :o)
This year I used Click which protects for 16 weeks and will give me much needed peace of mind. The sheep do not seem to have been picking up any ticks so at least that it one worry less than in Argyll.
Another job done, the next thing will be to load up the boys. I can't imagine that they will cooperate...
but I don't really blame them!


flyhoof said...

I love seeing photos of your sheep! Arran is very handsome and I can't believe what a stunning view they have from their field! :)

FeltersJourney said...

Beautiful hills in the background!