Friday, 15 April 2011

Bed-lamb in the Smali Flock!

Lambing is done! 17 lambs, 9 tups (rams), 8 ewes, 4 singles, 7 sets of twins. 1 still born (big handsome black, non-ag HST tup lamb :o( ) an one very healthy and noisy pet called Bram. More of the story coming up... in the meantime enjoy the photos! That's my little brother Joe asleep with Bramble the pet lamb.

 Hope all of you with livestock are having a good spring and that everyone is getting out and enjoying the new life that is budding and blossoming all around.


Voni said...

What a wonderful group of lambs!

Pam in Wisconsin said...

I love the colors of your lambs. Especially the dark circles around the eyes. Congratulations.

Bluestocking Mum said...

I bet you are as tired as those ewes.

We live in a very rural location in South Shropshire in England. There is a sheep farm (about 1500 sheep) in the field in front of us. So I see the trials and trubulations, and the dark smudges under the farmers eyes, every day.

But seeing those lambs in the field, springing and bouncing and baaing; it's a sight to behold.

Carol said...

It may be a small flock now...but it's getting bigger. My sister had a pet lamb when she was a kid. I remember my Mom trimming her with scissors for the 4 H show. "Pamper"..what a nice lamb she was. She stayed at the race track with us and the horses.