Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Wilde Wedding

In between staring at sheep who appear to have no interest in producing lambs, Chris and I are now busily planning our wedding... or rather I am busily planning our wedding while he makes agreeable murmurings whenever I ask what he thinks of something.

Being true to ourselves has been foremost in our consideration of how, what, where and who. Therefore it is, no doubt unsurprisingly, a Summer Solstice handfasting ceremony which will take place on one of my favourite nature reserves, followed by a party at a woodland campsite with a big hog roast and roaring fire for our friends and family to sit around.

The dress is ordered, the invites almost all written and we are working with our celebrant on the format of the ceremony.

Handfasting is a most ancient tradition and the origin of the phrase "tying the knot". In Celtic tradition the couple would first be joined for a year and a day before deciding whether or not to make the arrangement permanent, but since Chris and I have been together rather longer than this, we're willing to skip this stage!

Of course, you'll have to wait until the wedding to see "the dress" but I'll post some bits about the preparations as we go along. Don't worry, there is no danger of this becoming a wedding blog!!


Michelle said...

What's wrong with a wedding blog? ;-) Since it's been nearly 27 years since mine, I wouldn't mind seeing ALL the details!

Sharrie said...

I could handle it being a wedding blog until the solstice, too. It sounds like it would be very much fun to read. Go for it!

Michelle said...

'Course, I want to see LAMBIE pictures, too!

Carol said...

That "tying the knot" tradition sounds interesting. If you did that it would make for a very fun blog. Congratulations.

Pam in Wisconsin said...

Keep us posted on all the wedding planning fun. Amazing how much effort is made for one day. I wish you much happiness.

Jenny Holden said...

OK Ladies you asked for it... wedding planning coming up... but of course there will be lambie pics too!