Monday, 9 August 2010


Chris and I like exploring. As soon as we knew that we were moving to Knapdale we bought the OS Maps and would spend hours with them laid out across the floor examining the terrain and picking out interesting looking habitats, walks and camping spots.
We've covered a fair amount of ground with our faithful canine friends since moving here 19 months ago.
I was therefore quite surprised when Chris told me that he had found a previously unconquered gully just ten minutes walk from our door.
To be fair, this magical little fairy land has been closed off to visitors since we moved up here as the Forestry Commission were putting in a new path and bridges to allow folk who prefer to walk on safe ground access to its beauty.
They've done a lovely job of it with platforms to allow lovely views of the waterfalls,
places to sit and listen to the birds and the wind in the trees,
and taking in interesting natural features like this gnarled old tree. It does make one think that a lifetime is never enough to properly explore what it on ones own doorstep, let alone wider world!

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Michelle said...

That circular platform with covered bench is wonderful! Great photos, too.