Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Pub Ride

Today Paddy and I have joined a pub ride to help my friend Debbie. The only trouble is that as helpers neither of us actually get to go in the Pub. Admittedly Paddy might not fit through the doors anyway! At least we get a sea view and beautiful sunshine while we wait :-)


Laura said...

Well, dang! Paddy is lovely - is he a Clyde x? I used to have an Arab that wanted to sample anything I was eating/drinking, including alcohol out of a bottle!

But, as you say, the view is nice, and you have sunshine!

mollygolver said...

Love the picture, Jenny. Are you doing a sponsored ride for you friend? Hope you raise lots of cash. My daughter loves horses and has now aquired three! The view across the bay must be stunning.

Shula said...

I remember pub rides :) I hope you had fun. A very nice looking horse too.

Jenny Holden said...

Thanks for the lovely comments folks. Paddy is a beautiful boy, although he is still on the podgy side after being on loan over the winter to folk who believed him when he claimed starvation!
He's an Irish Cob and great fun to ride. We're on the sea front at Ardrishaig, Argyll here.
Not a sponsored ride this time, just getting the horses good and fit!