Saturday, 19 September 2009


Whisper has done it again, and yet again I've patched her up. Every night when I spend some quality time with the dogs, I go over them for any ticks or injuries, and every night I find that Whisper has picked up yet another scrape. She simply doe not seem to have any sense of self preservation and while Fox always looks pristine and hardly ever hurts himself, Whisper I'm afraid is rather like me: frequently covered in mud, bruises and scabs!

This time she has somehow sliced her carpal pad. It is always a pain when we have to try and get her to rest and yesterday we gave in for a while, bandaged her up and took her for a little walk... we just kept her away from her beloved beaver ponds, lochs and streams!I tried to get some photos of Whiper sporting her smart bandage fashioned from one of Chris's old sealskin socks. The trouble is that, even when injured, Whisper is a rather speedy subject to attempt to photograph.
Eventually though, even she will stop for a moment!
I'm off to Lithuania today for the International Beaver Symposium, but here's a sneaky peek at someone you'll be hearing much more of on my return...
And of course, it will be about time for a sheepy update too... hopefully a happier one than last time.


Nancy K. said...

I've been wondering how things were going over on that side of the 'pond'! I was scared when I saw the caption, but Whisper doesn't look like she's suffering terribly much. ;-)

Have fun in Lithuania ~ can't wait to hear the news when you get back!

Rayna said...

Have fun! I'm totally jealous as usual :)

toady said...

My daughter's springer is always cutting his pads. We usually fashion a bandage from old socks and Duck tape. Lithuania sounds exciting!

Michelle said...

I think the HORSE sounds exciting!