Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Knapdale Rainforest

Not many people know it, but I live in a rain forest. With an annual rainfall of around 1600mm, mild climate and dense tree cover, conditions are perfect for supporting a wealth of moisture loving life: ferns, mosses, liverworts and lichens.
Since much of the area was sadly turned over to commercial forestry in the 1930s, little of the original ancient Atlantic Oak Woodland actually remains. Thankfully some pockets have survived and are protected, such as Taynish National Nature Reserve which covers the peninsula forming the western shore of Loch Sween.
The woodlands of Taynish have a history of management dating back to neolithic times, but are not thought to have been changed significantly in all this time.
Though the conifers are relatively new, the climate of Knapdale and the native bryophytes have set to work, creating a strangely silent, dark, damp and oppressive atmosphere. It looks as though it ought to be the set for a haunted forest movie.

It doesn't seem to affect Fox and Whisper's ability to enjoy themselves however.


Mim said...

Amazing, your envirorment is the complete opposite as ours. Wish I could bring just a bit of your rain our way!

Maalie said...

Fascinating post Jenny.