Monday, 9 March 2009

Here come the girls!

On Thursday evening, Chris and I waited up excitedly for the much anticipated arrival of our Shetland girls. They finally made it up here at about 10pm on the top deck of an enormous 4 tier Livestock transporter! After a bit of a palava moving them into their new paddock (the truck was far too large to get anywhere near the field gate) we left them to settle down overnight.
The next day Chris and I got down to the field pretty sharpish and tempted the girls over with a bucket of feed. They are looking in really good shape, no doubt in no small part due to the expert care that they received while staying with Lenice. We really can't thank Lenice enough for being so generous as to look after the girls while we went through a very busy and rather stressful move.

Although the girls didn't seem too impressed with their new location, I thought that bloggers might be slightly more appreciative. They are at Bellanoch close to the end of the Crinan Canal. Their view looks out over a little harbour with sailing boats and across the Moine Mhor nature reserve beyond.

They have our Landlady and Landlord, Margaret and Iain's Jacobs and Scottish Blackfaces as neighbours and should lamb at about the same time. Not long now!
Rosie seemed please to see us... or was that just the food buckt?!


Kara said...

Wow, so beautiful, what a view!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Incredibly beautiful! Can you tell us a bit more about the area? Do you have any predators?

Bill Stearman said...

Beautiful view!

Really beautiful sheep! Nice to see them!

Mim said...

Yes, please keep telling us all about your new place. Very fasinating!

Jenny Holden said...

I'll blog again soon... just as soon as I get a spare minute! i've learned how to blog from my mobile... very cool!